Individual One On One Sessions

The creative process helps you get in tune with what’s really going on inside. As you work through struggles on the page, it will reflect the same issues in life bringing self awareness – and a playground to be adventurous and brave! It will offer both of us a deeper connection to your heart, often revealing Divine messaging that is not easily heard over the chatter in your head.


Working 1:1 with me, you’ll come to my location or I can come to your home.

The option of your home is valuable because it can be helpful to see how creativity can work in your space, helping you to continue the process individually.

We’ll chat shortly, calm the space – and you – and I’ll facilitate you through a variety of art experiences to help you gain clarity and direction for whatever you’re struggling through.

If you’re open to the idea, I’ll use intuitive connection to help me tune into Divine Guidance to further your connection to your inner self.

1:1 offers you a personalized, indepth coaching type experience where we have time to communicate at each stage of the process, helping you to be more self aware and utilize strategies that you can use in your everyday life.

I work with kids – kids-at-heart age 6-90+!

April special: 20% off, $25+ value $97.50 / 2 Hour Session
Sessions run typically 1.5-2 hours

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Whole Arts Connection St. Louis
I came to Laurie at a time in my life when I felt like I was holding onto overwhelming loss like a backpack of bricks. Dealing with a chronic debilitating illness left me in constant pain and feeling at times that I was losing my mind! My mind was in constant fight or flight mode, always readying myself for the next bout of bad news. At one point I was living my life and then just fighting for it. Just walking into Laurie’s studio gave me such a sense of peace. I began writing that first day nonstop for at least 10 minutes without stopping or considering discomfort in my hands. It was like coming home again to my heaven. We’ve used color to express emotions, and tools such as toothbrushes, tissue, anything and everything, the sky was the limit. I even threw paint! I’ve filled the journal Laurie gave me, both together and on my own. Some pages are ripped and have cut-outs not because it looks good, but because it feels good! I walked in with worry and fear; I walked out with a calmness about me and so inspired to do more that makes me FEEL good. I have felt hopeful that not all was lost. I dropped my ‘perfection’ and went into my imagination. Through this learning and getting back in touch with art, it then opened up so much more light in my life.