From journal, 1/7/19:

I AM SELF LOVE. I STAY IN THE VIBRATION OF SELF LOVE AND HELP OTHERS TO LOVE THEMSELVES DEEPLY. (Thank you, for tuning into to this mantra for me in her RYEE - Raise Your External Energy month of January.)

But, what IS self love? Is it always feel good joy and leaping rainbows, feeling no pain, finding what it is that pleases you best? Maybe saltwater taffy (mmmm!), or pure soaks in a hot tub under deleiriously brilliant starry skies? Possibly for me, it’s creating from sun up to sun down JUST for the sake of creating! Is it sugary yummyness? Maybe cocaine highs? Mind blowing, multi orgasmic, sexual afternoons with your fantasy lover?

Given numerology and horoscope readings, as no surprise, I have a tendency to seek out joy to a FAU:LT - the sugary goodies, the lazy days that lack direction, alcohol/cocaine highs of a past party life, or even the high adrenaline experiences that send sky rockets blasting in my brain.

But is THAT self-love?

In the last few years, I’ve begun to understand that self love is also organization, awareness of what it is to keep me in FLOW - a clear channel - at One with the Universe. And that’s not always easy.

It often means taking the slower track, one that reminds me of climbing into billowy soft down comforters. The hug of Pache Mama - softness, lightness, forgiveness, grace.

And it often means the big dirty D word - Discipline. Sometimes doing the difficult stuff. The stuff that is harder for you. What it is that you came here to learn.

What IS that? BALANCE! If this were your year of BALANCE and SELF-LOVE - what would that look like?

It would mean no pushing. Another mantra NOTHING TO JUSTIFY, NOTHING TO PROVE. It would mean playing MORE.

And it would also mean getting cleaned up and organized! Organized in:

  • technology

  • financials

  • home clutter

  • diet/drinking

Basically, it would mean SIMPLIFYING my life.

How can I do that more and more each month? Simplification and organization - after years of otherwise - does not happen overnight!

What does SIMPLIFY look like for me?

“PAY ATTENTION. YOU WILL BE SHOWN. The cleaner your body, your environment, your thoughts, the more you will FEEL it!”

What does Self Love and Balance look like in your life?