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Art Play to Live Out Loud



All of us are creators, whether we think of ourselves in the traditional sense of “artist”.  We come to the blank page of our lives with decisions that can be daunting, whether big life/career/relationship questions or day to day queries.   We turn to our rational thinking mind, using past experience, research, or others opinions.  Our best answers are more often deep within, buried in our body, in our heart, one with Source, God or Angels.  That direction is often the road less taken because it may seem counterintuitive; it urges us beyond our comfort zone.  Source knows that we are always more capable than the picture we’ve drawn for ourselves.   Source is always urging our creativity. 

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Product Offerings

Come buy my book, “Artfelt Inspiration: Let Your Freak Fly” – A 12 month inspirational expressive art guide to free your voice and let your wildest, most vibrant self come alive.



One on One

Are you in a slump? Do you have a dream but can’t get out of the fear mode? Are you unsure what direction to take in your life?   Are you feeling depressed or bored with your life, feeling as though you’re going through a transition? Would you like personalized attention with that?  Offered both in my studio or in your home.



  If you’d like to experience Whole Arts  in a group experience with less individualized attention, I have 2 monthly groups available, both evening and day hours, offer PLAYshops in Saint Louis or can also travel to your city! 


Creative Consultant

Are you planning a women’s retreat? Staff development day? Yoga, meditation, dream, singing bowl, drumming or any other holistic workshop?  Let’s talk to explore a creative addition to help deepen the concepts you are working on.


Angel Readings

I am an intuitive Angel Tarot Card reader and provide readings remote or in person.