Artfelt Inspiration:
Let Your Freak Fly



Are you feeling empty…on a rat wheel, meeting responsibilities, or barely so, and wondering if this is all there is to life? With the dawn of the Industrial and Digital Ages, our culture has become increasingly disconnected from our inner selves, resulting in depression, addiction, and anxiety being at an all-time high.

I have been there.

I was the classic “do-gooder” on a path of self-destruction until I found the value of expressive arts. Initially a mental health occupational therapist, I ached for “something more,” realizing I’d been drawn to the arts my entire life.

I describe myself as a “schizophrenic art enthusiast”—loving many forms, but not traditionally gifted at any. I initially resisted with the typical excuses I hear from clients; “I’m not an artist. I don’t know what to do with that blank page.”


I quickly found out—at first through writing and then later through expressive arts therapy—that art was the fast track to unveiling passion, deep connection, and self-awareness. It was a way for me to remove all the stumbling blocks along the way.

Artfelt Inspiration will inspire you to unleash your innermost creative self, and reconnect with that “inner freak”, just waiting to be set free. Each of the 12 chapters offers inspiration through art, poetry, story and creative exercises, helping you re-discover hidden talents, your unique beauty, and awakened spiritual connection.

If you are ready to “Let Your Freak Fly,” this book is for you!